Crafting Decorative Advent Wreath: A Festive Pre-Christmas DIY Guide

Homemade door wreath for winter

  • Difficulty


Craft a unique Advent wreath from recycled jars. Elevate your holiday decor with our DIY guide. Create your festive centerpiece today!

You need
  • Spray paint
  • 4 Jars
  • 4 Stick candles
  • Flower foam
  • Fresh plants (moss, eucalyptus branches, snow berries or dried orange slices)
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter

Let's go - step by step

Step 1 3

Paint the jars with spray paint

Spray paint on jars

First, select your preferred spray paint color. Additionally, you'll need four glass jars. This provides an excellent opportunity for upcycling, as you can repurpose old jars. Feel free to use various jar sizes and shapes for added creativity. Next, position the jars inside a box. Proceed to evenly spray the jars from all angles. It may be necessary to apply a second coat to ensure complete coverage.

Step 2 3

Personalize glass jars with engravings

Engrave numbers on the glasses with the Dremel Muti-Tool

Attach the Flexible Shaft (225) to your Dremel Multi-Toolfor more precise engraving on the jars. Alternatively, you can opt for the Dremel Stylo+, designed to fit comfortably in your hand like a pen. Begin engraving the numbers on each of the jars. Pro tip: Preselect a number style you prefer and use a template for the engraving. Depending on your creative vision, you can select different accessories. For instance, the Diamond Bit 7103 is ideal for fine lines, while the Diamond Bit 7105 is perfect for more pronounced, coarse lines.

Step 3 3

Elevate jars with creative decorations

Decorate jars with floral foam, moss, leaves and candles

You can now begin embellishing the jars. To establish a stable base, consider filling the jars with floral foam. Then, insert a stick candle into each jar and adorn them with materials like moss, eucalyptus, snowberries, dried orange slices, or similar decorative items. Feel free to use a variety of materials to enhance the jars' aesthetic. You can typically source these materials from florist shops, garden centers, or even your own garden. To add diversity, vary the decorations from one jar to another.

Your unique and contemporary Advent wreath is now ready for decoration. It's particularly striking on a small table or shelf. Enhance its festive appeal by adorning it with various Christmas decorations, further immersing your space in the holiday spirit. Now, the anticipation of the first Advent and the lighting of the initial candle can commence!

You can use any type of spray paint as it is quick and easy to colour the glass. Make sure that the spray paint adheres to the jars.

You can use number templates and carefully engrave them with your Dremel Multi-Tool  and glass engraving kit. For even more precision, you can attach the Flexible Shaft (225) to your Multi-Tool. 


You can use materials such as floral foam, moss, eucalyptus, dried orange slices, pine cones, ribbons and other decorations of your choice.

Use floral foam to hold the materials securely in the jars. You can also use hot glue for extra stability.

Keep the floral foam moist by spraying it with water occasionally. Place the advent wreath in a cool place before the advent season begins to extend the shelf life of the decorations. You can also use dried leaves, flowers, and fruits, which will last longer.