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DREMEL® DSM20 (DSM20-3/4)

Compact saw – For precise, clean and straight cuts with clear line of sight
  • Cut through wood, metal, tile, plastic and laminates with confidence
  • Make quick, precise and controlled cuts while clearly seeing the line you are cutting
  • With this versatile and compact saw you will only need one tool for your straight, plunge and flush cuts. Adjust the depth of your cut to be in total control of your project
  • Cut through materials up to 20mm thick with ease

Product description

The Dremel DSM20 is the ultimate compact saw with an excellent line of sight. With its clear line of sight, powerful motor and use of abrasive wheels, this saw can easily perform precise straight, plunge and flush cuts in materials up to 20mm thick. The product comes with a wide variety of non-intimidating abrasive cutting wheels, which in combination with the dust extraction port allows for clean and accurate work in wood, metal, plastics, stoneware and tiles. This kit includes three attachments which help to enhance the cutting capabilities of the Dremel DSM20. Cutting parallel to the edge of the work is simple with the edge guide, while the 2x4 cutting guide can be used to quickly and accuratelly make cuts in 2x4 timber. Dremel DSM20 the ultimate cutting solution.

Example of usage

Functions and Advantages of DREMEL® DSM20 (DSM20-3/4)

Abrasive wheel technology: for straight cuts, plunge cuts and flush cuts in wood, metal, tile, plastic and masonry.

Worm drive gearing: for durability and power.

Technical details for DREMEL® DSM20 (DSM20-3/4)

Technical specifications
Rated power input
710 W
220 - 240 V
1,70 kg
33 cm
8 cm
9 cm
No load speed
17.000 1/min
Battery technology
Cutting depth
21.5 mm
Precision tip
Dual temperature
Removable cord
Drip control
Sound pressure
96 dB(A)
Sound power
108 dB(A)
3,3 m/s²
Delivery details: DREMEL® DSM20 (DSM20-3/4)
Order number
Dremel DSM20
1x DSM500 Multipurpose Carbide Cutting Wheel
3x DSM510 Metal and Plastic Cutting Wheel
Vacuum Cleaner Attachment
Straight Edge Guide
2x4 Cutting Guide
Sturdy and spacious storage case
Product box length, 39.2 cm
Product box height, 26.7 cm
Product box width, 10.1 cm
Gross weight, 3,45 kg
Order number
EAN Code
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Download User manual

Download User manual