Craft Your Own Rustic Wooden Heart Ornaments

Craft Your Own Rustic Wooden Heart Ornaments

  • Difficulty
You need
  • a panel with a heart-shaped template
  • a string
  • Scissors
  • tree branches
L: Length, W: Width, H: Height, D: Diameter
Step 1 9

Preparing Your Tree Branches

Cutting with scissors the tree branches.

Kickstart your project by getting your tree branches, ideally sourced from areas where branches naturally fall. Once you've collected your branches, it's time to prepare them for crafting. To do this, gently remove any leaves from the branches. This can be done manually or with the help of a pair of scissors.

Step 2 9

Securing the Branch

Securing the tree branch with a Dremel attachment.

To ensure safety and precision, attach your tree branch securely in the Dremel Multi-Vise. The tool serves as your helping hand, firmly clamping the branch in place, preventing any unwanted movement or wobbling. This stability makes it easier to execute clean and precise cuts in the following step.

Step 3 9

Cutting the Branch into Small Pieces

Cutting the tree branch into small pieces.

With your Dremel Multi-Tool and the Wood Cutting Wheel (SC544), cut the attached tree branch into small, manageable pieces. Take your time and exercise caution to achieve the desired shapes and sizes, as these cut pieces will be the building blocks of your heart-shaped ornament.

Step 4 9

Applying Glue

Applying Glue to the small tree branches.

Plug in and heat up your Dremel Glue Gun. It's essential to have it ready to ensure the glue flows smoothly and bonds effectively. Apply a generous amount of hot glue to one side of each small branch piece.

Step 5 9

Assembling the Heart Shape

Creating the heart-shaped ornaments with small tree branches.

Press down on the pieces and hold them together for a few moments to allow the glue to set. This step is crucial for a secure bond. If any pieces are not aligned perfectly, you can make minor adjustments while the glue is still warm and malleable.

Step 6 9

Attaching a String for Hanging

Attaching the stirng to the heart-shaped wooden ornament.

To make your ornament ready for hanging, take another small branch piece and attach a string to it. This will serve as the hanging loop in the next step. Using your Glue Gun, apply a small amount of hot glue to one end of the selected small branch piece and attach the string.

Step 7 9

Securing the Hang

Securing the hand into the wooden heart ornament.

Choose the ideal location on your ornament where you'd like the hanging loop to be. It could be at the top center or in a corner, depending on your design preferences. Secure the branch piece with the attached string onto the top of your wooden heart ornament. Hold the branch piece in place for a brief moment to ensure a strong bond. This not only adds a functional element but also enhances the rustic charm of your project.

Step 8 9

Final Adjustments

Adjusting the heart-shaped ornament.

Don't be discouraged if your heart-shaped ornament needs a bit of fine-tuning - that's perfectly normal in the crafting process. If you notice gaps or areas that could use some improvement, consider adding more small branch pieces. These additional pieces can fill in spaces and enhance the overall shape of the heart.

Step 9 9


A wooden crafted heart ornament hanging on a Christmas tree as a festive decoration.

Your wooden heart ornament is now complete and ready to adorn your Christmas tree or any other space you desire. Its natural, rustic beauty will bring warmth and a truly unique character to your festive décor.

Feel free to experiment with different shapes, concepts and sizes. If you are not using your ornaments on your Christmas tree, you can make use of them as a heartwarming gifts for friends and family. So, grab your Dremel tools, embrace your creative side, and make this festive season truly cozy and memorable!

Explore nearby natural areas where fallen branches might be abundant. Reach out to local tree services—they often have excess branches and are happy to share. Additionally, consider purchasing branches from reputable suppliers who prioritize sustainability. This ensures you not only find the right materials but also support responsible sourcing for your creative venture.

Absolutely! Get creative and add your personal touch by painting, decorating, or even applying a protective finish to your wooden heart ornaments.

To keep your wooden heart ornaments in good condition for future use, store them in a cool, dry place when not in use. Avoid exposure to moisture or extreme temperatures.

Certainly! Feel free to explore various templates to create ornaments in different shapes and sizes, allowing for a diverse and eye-catching display.

The time required to complete one wooden heart ornament may vary, but with practice, you can expect to spend approximately 20 to 30 minutes per ornament.

Absolutely! Other Dremel Multi-Tools suitable for this projects that you can use are DREMEL® 8220, DREMEL® 3000, DREMEL® 4250.