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Dremel (8260-5/65)

DREMEL® 8260
DREMEL® 8260
DREMEL® 8260
DREMEL® 8260
DREMEL® 8260
DREMEL® 8260
DREMEL® 8260 DREMEL® 8260 DREMEL® 8260 DREMEL® 8260 DREMEL® 8260 DREMEL® 8260
World’s 1st Brushless Smart Multi-Tool
  • Get corded performance in cordless form with 20% higher power*.
  • 100% more run-time** will power you through your next project.
  • Get 20% faster cutting speed***. High-speed brushless motor delivers maximum torque.
  • Easily control, monitor and manage your smart multi-tool with the Dremel App.
  • Tackle a wide range of Dremel applications with this Platinum kit. 5 attachments and 65 accessories, including EZ SpeedClic (for 6x faster accessory change). Dremel 8260 is compatible with all Dremel Multi-Tool accessories and attachments.
  • * vs Dremel’s most powerful corded tool the 4250
    ** vs Dremel 8220 cordless rotary tool. Cutting 6.3mm. zinc plated steel lag bolts.
    *** vs 8220 cutting 1.9 cm thick Pine
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Dremel App

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Product Description

World’s 1st brushless smart Multi-Tool
This cordless tool will help you unleash your potential in DIY jobs by bringing you more power, runtime, speed, and now with connectivity.
Dremel 8260 has a brushless motor and 12 V Max, 3Ah lithium-ion battery. This innovative multi-tool will improve your DIY experience in many ways. Work anywhere on your DIY projects with complete freedom due to the Multi-tool’s 100% longer run time. Thanks to 20% more power and 20% more cutting speed, you can tackle the most heavy-duty Dremel applications with ease.
A smart Multi-Tool
Enhance your DIY experience in many ways by connecting to the Dremel App. Monitor your tool and battery performance. Find the accessory you need for your application and view information and tips. Select your material and accessory type and set your tool with the recommended speed. Get tips on how to manage overload and overheating of the tool. Contact your local Dremel Customer Support quickly by email or phone. Using the Dremel App on your smartphone will allow you to easily control, monitor, and manage your Bluetooth connected multi-tool.
Excellent tool life
Dremel 8260 is tested to withstand the most challenging Dremel applications so that you can power through every project. Dremel 8260 is designed and engineered for consistent performance and excellent tool life. The LED Dremel logo and indicators not only look cool, they give you the correct information at the right time to monitor battery, speed, and Bluetooth connectivity. Also, it notifies if the tool and battery is being overloaded or overheating.
The Dremel 8260-5/65 Multi-Tool kit
The Dremel 8260-5/65 Multi-Tool kit contains 5 attachments and 65 accessories, with which you can cut, grind, sharpen, sand, clean, and more. The Detailer’s Grip, the Comfort Guard, the Shaping Platform, the Line and Circle Cutter, and the Multipurpose Cutting Guide attachments will provide you with more safety and control. EZ SpeedClic accessories will help you with quick and easy accessory changes, up to 6x quicker than changing standard accessories. Easily organise your tool and Dremel accessories in the premium sturdy aluminum storage case. With the included quick start guide and accessory information sheet, you have all the elements for the perfect experience with your new Dremel 8260 Multi-Tool.

Example of usage

Functions and Advantages of DREMEL® 8260 (8260-5/65)

Reinforced digital screen: displays RPM speed, battery life indicators, and overload & heat control warrnings.

Quick accessory changes: EZ Twist nose cap makes accessory changes fast and easy without the need of a wrench.

Removable lithium-ion battery: the 3Ah battery provides portable power and an impressive run-time.

Technical details for DREMEL® 8260 (8260-5/65)

Technical specifications
Battery voltage
12,0 V
Battery capacity
3,0 Ah
Charging time
1.35 h
0,590 kg
24.4 cm
5.4 cm
4.7 cm
No load speed
5.000 30.000 1/min
Variable Speed
5.000 - 30.000 1/min
Battery technology
Speed setting
Fully Variable Speed
Accessory quick change system
EZ Twist
Sound pressure
- 70 dB(A)
2,5 m/s²

Included Attachments

DREMEL® Detailer's Grip Attachment

DREMEL® Detailer's Grip Attachment (577) (1)

Product description

DREMEL® Shaping Platform Attachment

DREMEL® Shaping Platform Attachment (576) (1)

Product description

DREMEL® Multipurpose Cutting Kit

DREMEL® Multipurpose Cutting Kit (565) (1)

Product description

DREMEL® Line & Circle Cutter

DREMEL® Line & Circle Cutter (678) (1)

Product description

Comfort Guard attachment

Comfort Guard attachment (550) (1)

Product description

DREMEL® 880 12V Li-ion Battery Pack

DREMEL® 880 12V Li-ion Battery Pack (880) (2)

Product description

DREMEL® 880 12V Li-ion Battery Pack

Overview of prices and Kit content

DREMEL® 8260

Dremel (8260-5)
Order number: F0138260JB
EAN Code: 8710364082698
  • Dremel 8260 Multi-tool (including 12V, 3Ah battery)
  • Charger
  • 5 EZ Speedclic High Quality Dremel Accessories
  • Accessory information Sheet
  • Quick start guide and manual in a Multi-functional fabric bag.
  • Product box length, 22.5 cm
  • Product box height, 33.5 cm
  • Product box width, 9.5 cm
DREMEL® 8260

Dremel (8260-5/65)
Order number: F0138260JG
EAN Code: 8710364082728
  • Dremel 8260 Multi-tool (including 12 V Max, 3Ah battery),
  • Charger,
  • 65 High Quality Dremel Accessories,
  • Detailers grip attachment (577); Shaping platfom (576); Comfort guard (550); Line- and circle cutter (678); Multi-purpose cutting guide (565),
  • Accessory information Sheet,
  • Manual; all stored in a new, deluxe, strong aluminum tool box


Download User manual

Download User manual